11 August 2015

so this one time.

lolol I don't know why I bother. I think I kept up with the daily drawings until the Paddy's Day weekend came along, then I just didn't have time for SHIT. I'm drawing and drawing a lot, but the whole scanning and uploading thing isn't as common. At some point last month, I did scan a few sketchbooks and upload them to the zipgun parade facebook page, which can be viewed here.

Sometimes I forget that this blog exists and other times, as usual, I just have nothing of interest to share with the class.

08 January 2015


Speaking of daily self-portraits, here's today's! My 2015 Moleskine planner came in today and I'm quite excited about it.

here's all the art I've promised you...

For what little of an audience I still have, here's all the art that I've been drawing and I've been too lazy to scan.

I have also started a new daily challenge for myself. You know, those things I like to say I do at the start of the new year, but then give up on a few months later. Instead of drawing a random friend of mine on Facebook, I'll be doing a daily self portrait. So far, so good! Here are the ones I have so far.

I have no idea why, but that was a complete and total bitch to format in chronological order. I still have yet to do one for today, because I spent the past several hours scanning the pages of one of my old sketchbooks. Well, it's not even that old. This book in particular is from August to November of 2014.

Andddddd... that's just some of the crap that I've done lately. Hopefully this year will be more productive than the previous ones. Yeah, I posted a lot of pictures, but of course... it's just to make up for the lack of uploads. I've been trying to come up with an idea for a wee web comic, but haven't been struck with any form of inspiration. I know I could do it on literally anything that I decide to crap onto a piece of paper, but I want it to mean something to myself and entertain all who read it. I hate it when I come across someone's webcomic through stumbleupon or tumblr and when I read it, I get absolutely nothing from it... except angry, for having wasted my time reading it. I know whatever I decide to create doesn't have to be 100% perfect, but I want whoever ends up reading it to take something away from it. Ah well, here I am getting ahead of myself and I don't even have an idea. Enjoy the crappy artwork, everyone!