08 February 2017

a very danny winter

Here are all of the Very Danny Winter drawings. They are available for purchase at $20 a piece... +$5 per framed picture. How the Dan Stole Christmas had already been purchased.

06 February 2017

a bunch of random GIFs I made.

I like to take pictures on the burst shot setting, because I don't want to miss a thing. ;)

02 January 2017

well, happy new year, and stuff.

I could have sworn that I've updated sooner than October, BUT I GUESS NOT. If you haven't heard by now, THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES and Wrigleyville was in SHAMBLES for a few weeks there, but everybody's over it at this point. Well, kind of. You know, whatever.

Since Dantober, people have told me that they missed seeing random Danny drawings in their news feed. After October, I was kind of over everything and wanted to sit and do nothing for a while, but for the month of December I decided to do "A Very Danny Winter", which consisted of 31 Christmas-ey/winter-ey Danny drawings.

I scanned the Dantober drawings and will have them uploaded soon. All Dantober originals will be on sale for $10. A few of them will go for $5... my lesser favorites, really, but it'll be good for people who want an original Danny drawing on the cheap! The Danny winter drawings will be uploaded soon and those will probably go for $20... and some may go for less. Haven't decided which ones. The winter drawings will cost more, because they were done in watercolor and took significantly more effort than Dantober.

There's not really much else to report on. Goals for the new year are to do one artistic thing daily, watch more shows and movies that I HAVEN'T seen (I'll watch the same movie OVER AND OVER and never get tired of it), and to relearn Photoshop and Illustrator. I got a Surface Pro during the Black Friday frenzy, bought an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription like an actual adult, and Conor got me a sweeeeeeeeeeeet camera for Christmas. I'm going to do all the weird shit I used to do before my Rebel got stolen... the second time around.