02 October 2016

it's inktober!

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I sure do love inktober. I'm going to follow the official daily themes, but with the addition of Danny. It's 31 days of Dantober. This is the drawing for October 1st and the theme for the day was "fast". Look at him go.

Nothing else to really report on. Still doing artsy fartsy things, but not as much. Cubs are in the playoffs again, so I'm going to be all kinds of crabby again. It'll be crabtober. Okay, I'll stop putting words in front of "tober" (maybe).

26 August 2016

hey check it out!

I'm selling prints of Danny Kardashian West and there's the man himself posing with his animated self. Prints are signed by both myself and Danny and are going for $10. Framed prints are $25... price might decline if I can't find anymore of the same frame that I'm currently using. Tell your friends! You know you want Danny's hairy ass hanging on your wall!

Oh, I'll probably also get on this more when I unpack my storage unit (lol, probably never), but I'm going to start framing original drawings and selling them things too. Anything you see from a detachable sketchbook will be for sale and prices will vary. The only two drawings that are completely off limits are the original Danny the Centaur drawing and the original Danny Kardashian West.

22 July 2016

oh, so this one time...

Outside of my own laziness, I actually have legitimate reasons for not updating frequently. Starting at some point in April, I got sick. One thing led to another and then another and then another to the point where I couldn't take the avalanche of illnesses and finally went to the hospital. Apparently when I get sick, I'm always in denial about actually being sick, so what had happened was I let what could have been an easy fix blow out of proportion into an awful, awful lupus flare. Couldn't really work and eventually one of my doctors said I couldn't work at all until my condition had improved. When I finally stopped being so crippled and was able to move around a little bit, I started to draw again. I filled an entire sketchbook (sans a few pages) during the month of June when I was staying out in the suburbs and recovering.

Another reason why I haven't been updating is because at some point during that illness, about late April, I had to move out of my apartment. Even though I have the majority of my art supplies with me, my scanner is somewhere in my storage unit. This unit has become the bane of my existence. I thought I grabbed everything that I would possibly need, well, that was important or whatever, but there are a few items that I need every so often. Instead of rummaging through 2398428934 boxes labeled "misc." I figured I'd just buy new shit, but there's no way I'm buying a new printer. Actually, the boyfriend has one and I just thought about it 30 seconds ago. Might scan a few things in the coming weeks.

Weeks? Festival season has started. I work four bar shifts before FOUR days of Lollapalooza. I'm going to need to conserve as much energy as possible for that one.

So, I'm about 90% recovered, been drawing loads of art, and been working my balls off to play catch up on some things. Here's a few bits of crappy art.

30 March 2016

welp, so much for that.

I've been posting more crappy art to everywhere but here. I don't even think people visit actual websites anymore that aren't some form of social media. I could have the cure for cancer somewhere on this site and people still wouldn't visit it.

I filled up two sketchbooks so far this year (well, the first one I started in September), and am currently on my third one. It's a fancy schmancy Baron Fig I got from the Artsnacks studio collection in 2014. I've been putting off using it, because I have this issue about using pretty notebooks. I think I'm going to "ruin" them even though, you know, you're supposed to put shit in them. Same goes for this Simpsons Moleskine my friend got me about a year or so ago. Been thinking about writing ideas and such in it, but I never finish journals or idea books or whatever. I think the last time I finished a notebook as a journal in its entirety was when I was 16. I still have it and should probably consider destroying it. I also have issues writing certain things down, because I don't want people to read them ever and I have super paranoid thoughts about people going through my shit and reading everything... which is funny, because even I don't want to re-read some of my shit.

Oodles of #doodles #doodle

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Been doing all kinds of crap like this in my sketchbook so far. After all these years, I'm still trying to think of a series, but think I am closer than ever. Since I haven't actually started on it, it's still a concept that I won't really share until I have something to show. Maybe I'll get started on that now.

03 January 2016

so, 2016 is here.

I didn't post much last year, but I did draw a lot more than I normally do. One of the things that I want to do for the new year is be more creative. I'm not going to stress myself out with daily drawing challenges, but I definitely do want to draw even more and post more. Not only do I want to draw more, but I want to make more finished pieces rather than sketches that never see the light of day.

I also want to do stuff like cook more at home/order less take out and so far it's been working out pretty well. Then again, it's only January 3rd.

19 December 2015


Yeah, I realize December is almost over and I'm just posting these now, but I'm lazy. You know I'm lazy. This is not a secret. Anyway, here are my inktober drawings.

17 September 2015

Here are a few of my crappy drawings.

I went to Blick about a month ago and bought a bunch of different types of sketchbooks. These are random drawings testing how the paper works with different mediums.

16 September 2015

maybe I should post something.

I should really scan some of the other things I've done recently. I'm subscribed to three art boxes and have a SHITLOAD of art supplies, and actually, yes, yes I do use them! Sometimes I don't know if I should photograph what I've done or scan them. Some of the color in the last batch of scans kind of got screwed up, but I also get really annoyed when images aren't the same size.

Maybe I should stop talking about it and just do something. D:

Also, I've been thinking about designing people's resumes. When I was younger, I used to hate making resumes, because my school would make you write them, but I also had ZERO job experience, so I would get extremely frustrated. Now my resume is pretty fucking awesome and people ask me for help. I guess it also helps to that I've also reviewed a shitload of other people's resumes (by reviewed, I mean judged harshly until I threw them in the trash) over the years. I did mine completely in Photoshop and it took three hours to do the basic info, then another 3-5 to fine tune the formatting and info. I've also done resumes for two other people as well, and I just think it'd be fun to do, maybe for some extra dollars, and maybe help some people stick out from the sea of Microsoft templates.

11 August 2015

so this one time.

lolol I don't know why I bother. I think I kept up with the daily drawings until the Paddy's Day weekend came along, then I just didn't have time for SHIT. I'm drawing and drawing a lot, but the whole scanning and uploading thing isn't as common. At some point last month, I did scan a few sketchbooks and upload them to the zipgun parade facebook page, which can be viewed here.

Sometimes I forget that this blog exists and other times, as usual, I just have nothing of interest to share with the class.

08 January 2015


Speaking of daily self-portraits, here's today's! My 2015 Moleskine planner came in today and I'm quite excited about it.